PIPA’S Tights Bring Fun and Joy to the Plus-Size Fashion Industry 

Toronto, Canada - January 17, 2018 - Women of all sizes can enjoy funky tights and leggings thanks to a new online company in Toronto. PIPA is making a range of fun, plus-size tights available throughout Canada and the USA, with free delivery on purchases over C$80. 

The Canadian company creates fashion with love and passion, and believes that items should be readily available for all sizes. Their range of high-quality, designer tights in sizes 12 to 28 includes designs as diverse and exciting as bold tartan, bright flora, retro-comic strips, cute flamingos and sinister gothic skulls. 

“Women of all sizes who are tired of bland colours, dark designs and dull outfits will love the tights on offer from PIPA,” said M. Harel, Co-Founder of PIPA. “Our tights are custom, unique and just awesome! You really can find your own unique style.” 

Currently, demand for high-quality designer tights is high, especially when it comes to plus-sizes. Whether customers are looking for a certain colour to complement their attire, or a more unconventional design that will reflect their personality or brighten up an outfit, plus-size tights are in short supply. That’s where PIPA comes in.

The latest additions to PIPA’s plus-size range of tights include: blue tights with pirate skulls and butterflies; fuchsia pink flowers on a neutral background; seasonal snowflakes and reindeer; and, black fishnet tights. 

PIPA's skin-coloured tights featuring skulls and roses present a stylishly dramatic effect that looks at first glance like a tattoo.

The staff at PIPA are always on the lookout for the best styles and designs from all over the world. Their tights are designed and made in Italy and customers can browse and order their choice of tights from PIPA’s website, which is available here: https://www.pipafashion.com

Shipment of PIPA’s products is free within Canada and the USA for all purchases of C$80 or more. Deliveries usually arrive within two to seven days, depending on location and shipment method. 

Currently, PIPA’s tights are divided into two categories: Printed and Solid-Color. There is information available on the website to help customers determine the right size for tights and pantyhose. Most tights are 50 denier for strength and durability, and composed of 95 percent nylon and 5 percent elastane. 15, 80, and 120 denier tights are also available.  

Contact us if you have any questions or require more info: